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Friday, July 27, 2012

New Life for mars and venus... actually

Finally, I have come to a conclusion on revamping mars and venus... actually. Since I made a new blog on beauty product reviews over at http://puniaogoodies.blogspot.sg/, I might as well include beauty related posts in there as well.

Times are different now, men are starting to take care of their skin more than ever before. As compared to the early 1990s, there is definitely a significance increase in men's skincare line for men who wants to take care of themselves too.

What better opportunity to just simply combine mars and venus... actually and Pu Niao's Beauty Junkie Reviews by just simply posting beauty related topics there? This is practically a best of both worlds scenario for me and and readers.

So, change your bookmarks now. As mars and venus... actually will now be live exclusively over at Pu Niao's Beauty Junkie Reviews instead.

Of course, prevous old articles on mars and venus... actually will still stay here and not be brought over. However, Pu Niao's Beauty Junkie Reviews will have brand new beauty posts instead.

See you all over at Pu Niao's Beauty Junkie Reviews from now on ^^

Monday, June 11, 2012

On Hiatus...

I will be on hiatus to revamp mars and venus... actually @ http://marsnvenusactually.blogspot.sg/. The name/title of the blog is actually quite a mouthfull and with the dwindling to non-existent readership, a new direction is needed afterall. All suggestions for a new blog title is welcome and will be taken into readership as well. So stay tuned for more updates.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The right colors for the right occasion

Colors can influence your mood and have a positive effect on the people around you. Here's how to brave three nerve-wrecking situations and pass with flying colors!

1. Job Interview

Wear any shade of red to show that you're dynamic and go-getting. But tone down the fieriness of red with neutral colors such as beige or cream – these are considered “friendly” colors and they suggest that you relate and interact well with people. If you want to give the impression of power, midnight blue or navy blue will do the trick!

2. Meeting his parents

Make an impression with lighter colors such as cream or biege, that suggest you are understanding and willing to cooperate. Pair these lighter tones with your favorite coloe – don't be afraid to wear what you like as the color will reflect your individual identity and personality. Here's a tip: bring a bunch of fresh flowers for his mom in various shades of pink. Besides being a great gesture, pink connects you to the rest of the group and harmonises group energy.

3. A hot date

If it's a friendly, light hearted time you're aiming for, wear orange shades like coral, peach and apricot which are laughter-inducing. If you want a flirty, romantic evening, rose pink or salmon will get the message across. And if it's hot lovin' you're after, aim straight for flaming colors like shocking pink, fuchsia or any shade of red from crimson to maroon – they are perfect for inciting sensual pleasure and passion! But don't throw your trusty LBD away! Black is considered an extremely seductive color, just maximise it by adding accents of red to your outfit, either with a brooch, shoes or a peek-a-boo bra!

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